Reasons to Have a Towbar Fitted to Your Vehicle

HSV Clubsport with Towbar Kit Fitted

Pictured above: HSV Clubsport R8 with towbar kit installed

If you are considering the benefits associated with adding a tow bar to your vehicle, you are not alone. A tow bar typically is permanently installed on your vehicle, but the towball may be removed when not towing items. With professional installation, towbars can take the functionality of your vehicle to a new level. Consider some of these many ways that you can use towbars Brisbane.

1. Moving
You may not have any plans to relocate to a new home in the immediate future, but most people will relocate to a new home every few years. With towing capabilities on your vehicle, you are not limited to renting a truck from a Brisbane truck rental company or hiring a professional relocation company to assist with your move. Instead, you can rent a trailer and move your personal belongings on your own and save money.

2. Spring Cleaning
Many people accumulate an incredible amount of stuff over the months and years. Basic spring cleaning of a home is required to keep it neat, organised and clutter-free. As you perform your spring cleaning efforts, you may accumulate several large piles of items that are designated for charitable donations, the landfill or your personal off-site storage unit. Without a tow bar to remove this rubbish, you are forced to contract someone to move these items for you (and may need to look into professional rubbish removal). When you have towing capabilities, however, you simply have to rent a trailer or use your own trailer to take things to the desired location. 

3. Home Improvement
Many homeowners throughout the Brisbane QLD area enjoy working on their own home improvement projects rather than using contracted labour for these needs. However, many home improvement projects require you to purchase more supplies and materials than what may conveniently fit in your car. In some cases, you may have to make several trips back and forth between the store and your home. For larger items, you may pay a fee to have the items delivered. With a towbar from a company like, however, you simply have to attach a trailer to your vehicle's tow bar to transport your items on your own. 

4. Going on Holidays
Holidays around Australia can also be more fun and exciting with a Brisbane towbar fitted. If you're situated in Brisbane and considering having a towbar installed, I'd recommend you speak with Consider that you can tow a travel trailer, a small trailer loaded with personal items for an extended vacation, jet skis and other fun items behind your vehicle when you have towing capabilities. This can drastically open up a world of possibilities for your next vacation. 

5. Boating
If you have dreamed of owning a boat or already own one, you will enjoy the ability to tow your own boat behind your vehicle. Without towing capabilities, you may have to borrow a friend’s car or request that your boat by transported by a specialised towing company. Towing capabilities can make boat ownership more convenient and affordable.

As you can see, towbars Brisbane can be useful in a number of situations. In many cases, they can add convenience to your life and can save you money too. This is a feature that most will find useful on their car. 


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