Reduce your Sydney Water Bill with a Poly Rain Water Tank

Poly Rain Water Tank in Garden

Sydney is a scenic coastal city that is widely known for its spectacular scenery and cultural attractions. Its climate is widely influenced by its location on the coast, and high humidity and warm temperatures are common. While there are numerous large thunderstorms that blow through the area each year, the area also is prone to long periods without rain. It is common for dry heat waves during the summer months to cause brush fires, water restrictions and more. During these months, many homeowners often require water for their yards, gardens, potted plants and more. There simply is not enough rain that falls naturally during these months to fully maintain the appearance and health of your yard. Using so much water, however, can result in a costly water bill (and there are also sometimes water restrictions put in place). With rain water tanks from The Water Tank Factory, you can easily use save money on your water bill.

How Rainwater Tanks Work
Water tanks in Sydney are designed to collect water that falls onto the roof of your Sydney home. If you're situated in Sydney and considering a rain water tank, I'd recommend taking a look at TTF. Urban tanks are most commonly placed under the downspout of your gutter system. It is estimated that if your roof has a surface area of about 1,000 square feet, an inch of rainfall will result in over 600 gallons of water available for you to use. With many rain barrels and water tanks holding about 50 to 200 gallons of water, you can see that it doesn’t take much water to fill up a tank. There is a spigot connected to these barrels and tanks that serve as a faucet for the tanks. You can connect a hose to the tank to easily access the water inside.

Increasing the Benefits
Most homes do not have one downspout for the gutters. Instead, they have two, four or more downspouts. Further, there are times of significant wet periods in Sydney followed by long dry spells. Collecting as much water as possible during rainy weather will ensure that you can fully maximise the use of water that falls naturally and freely onto your property. You can consider collecting water in numerous round tanks or Slimline water tanks like those offered online, and you can also utilise secondary water storage tanks as needed to empty your primary tanks and continue to collect additional water.

Different Ways to Use Tanks
With rain water tanks, you can save money by using free water for all of your outdoor watering needs. This is fresh water that does not contain chlorine or other chemicals that are commonly used to treat municipal water, so it is healthier for your landscaping features. It can be used to water your lawn, flower garden, vegetable garden, potted plants and more. It can also be used for outdoor cleaning purposes such as hosing off the patio, cleaning your car and more. 

With water tanks Sydney, you can continue to use water as needed without concern for high water bills, water restrictions and more. If you have been looking for a great solution for maintaining your landscaping features and using water more affordably on your property, rain water tanks are worth looking into.


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